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Austria organic tooth oil, sesame seed oil is herbal essence, extracted from scientific research have proven organic farm, fresh material

Provide comprehensive requirements for persons with natural fresh every morning and before going to bed is used as mouthwash, clear tone

How to apply our unique gear oil, right? It's easy! Shake the bottle, gargle with one teaspoon of oil. And the tongue in the mouth of the distribution gear oil, then with the teeth and tongue wet toothbrush and gently brush. Then rinse with water


Developed specifically for sensitive teeth

• Does not harm the enamel, detoxification soothing
• Protect the gums, the tooth gums bleeding, anti antibacterial
• Let you experience the unique and long-lasting fresh breath and bright teeth

• Remove the tone and teeth stuck

• Particularly suitable damaged tooth for allergic children use

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Sesame oil, green tea extract, silicic acid, xylitol, vitamin E acetate, Victoria
Vitamin C ester, palm tocotrienol, vitamin A acetate, Japanese mint, menthol,
Lemon oil, anise oil, eucalyptus oil, cinnamon oil, licorice root, sage oil, clove oil



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